Thank goodness for a healthy dose of old-tech

I’ve recently finished a big project that, in its chosen field, will get a lot of exposure.

The client will deliver the programme at events, but there was a need to make it publicly available in a sort of social networking manner.

So, YouTube would seem a natural place to look. It’s recently revamped its quality and can handle HD (the project was shot at 720p).

Alas, many organisations block access to YouTube. Furthermore, it’s operating a strict 10 minutes or less policy, and our programme is longer.

Vimeo provides great quality, and has its own social networking side. More importantly, it has no duration issues. So long as you get the master file below a gigabyte, you’re on. Looks great, works great, but then we hit another snag.

Many of these hip new video services are using H.264 in Flash. ‘Well so they should!’ we say. Good modern format with a long life expectancy, scalable over different platforms and all that.

And totally reliant of Flash 9, in an age where most corporate PCs are clamped at Flash 8 with no option to upgrade. In response to phishing attacks, bogus websites installing spyware, unstable software updates and the rest, PCs used on corporate networks are returning to a locked down, non-upgradable, severely restricted state. And that has an impact on web video.

Bother. Where once I was all set for H.264, I’m retreating back to On2. Where once I was pushing 800kbps, I’m sinking back to < 512kbps. Despite the best intentions of many forward looking companies who are embracing FaceBook, YouTube and the social web milieu, B2B and ‘video watched at work’ isn’t marching forward quite as quickly as it did.

So if you need to find a public place to publish a video that people can watch at work because it’s Flash 8, check out And if you know anyone in HR,

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