Ninja Blade – 2:2 Pulldown with Canon C100 Fixed

ninjabladeUPDATE: 2:2 PULLDOWN FIXED IN AtomOS 5.1.1…
Early adopters frequently find little snags that are quickly patched, and this week is no different. I have taken delivery of the new Ninja Blade recorder last week.

It’s an awesome piece of kit for the C100 user – but when I record 25PsF, I noticed that the images are shifted two pixels to the left with a black line running down the right hand edge.

Atomos support are on the case have fixed it, they suggest we update to version 5.1.1 here. we keep the C100 set to 25PsF and set the Ninja Blade to 50i. In FCPX and Premiere (I don’t use Avid) simply do the 2:2 pulldown trick by treating it like AVCHD footage, manually switching the files from interlaced to progressive as described in PSF – the fix.

As a C100 user, I am very impressed by the Ninja Blade in a number of areas:

  • screen quality and fidelity with the option to calibrate
  • ability to use a LUT when shooting C-Log
  • audio meters that put the C100’s to shame
  • waveform monitor and vectorscope
  • shot logging features – both live and after the shoot

Combine all this with very low power consumption, a lightweight chassis and a wide range of media choices, it closes the gap between the C100 and C300.

I’ll do an in-depth review when I’ve cleared my current workload, and I’ll go into a bit of depth over the shot logging facilities which will really make a difference to shooting interviews and long form events such as presentations and conferences.

But not now. I really should be editing! Until then, remember the 50i to 25p trick.


Well, it’s easy to deal with this little inconvenience in PAL-land. If you shoot in 24p or 23.976 PSF mode, you’ll find the same black line, so you’re recommended to shoot in 59.973 and you’re on your own.

So, whilst I don’t shoot for 24p or 23.976 most of the time,  when I shoot 29. 973 it’s fairly easy. So I had to find a solution that would make shooting 24p (or 23.976) work. It appears that the only way is to transcode the rushes. So…

With a drum roll and a nod to Abel Cine and all those who got there before me, here’s an Apple Compressor droplet that sorts your Ninja rushes out before you import them:

Apple Compressor Droplet.

10 thoughts on “Ninja Blade – 2:2 Pulldown with Canon C100 Fixed

  1. thanks Matt, i just won one of these for free at a meeting. Pretty lucky me. I am interested in you great ideas that you always have and the integrity you share. Mickey from L.A. area. thanks.

  2. Good morning Matt!

    Just wanted to chip in and thank you for your exellent articles and findings in and around the dramatic world surrounding the c100.
    I’m considering the Ninja Blade and is very much looking foreward for your review!

    Thx and happy editing!

    B r

  3. Interesting read. Does this also apply for the Ninja 2 since that also seems to do a 2:2 pulldown when selecting 25pfs on the C100 and 25p on the Ninja?

    • TBH, I don’t have a Ninja 2, just the Ninja Blade. I’m pretty sure that this is just a Ninja Blade issue as we’d have heard hoots of protest a while back. But it’s a simple enough test – shoot a few frames internally and to the Ninja 2, sync them together, check the WFM or even just flick between the two and the shift would be apparent.

      Shooting without 2:2 pulldown is only a minor irritation for UK/EU users and, it has to be said, for 29.97. The only pain is for 24p (23.976) which needs transcode to remove the pulldown, for which I’ve now knocked up a little Apple Compressor 3 droplet. However, I’ve never been asked to actually shoot 23.978/24 professionally – it’s either 25p or 29.97p both of which are fixed by bodging the ‘Field Dominance Override’ in the Setting/Info tab, hence the redirect to the PsF blog post.

      • Thanks for the details! Tried it out and there doesn’t seem to be any difference between the 25p and 50i output from the Ninja.

  4. Still looking forward to hearing more about your experience with the Ninja Blade…..really enjoying the blog, particularly the C100-centric-ness (new word [or term]) of it.

  5. Have you had any issue with audio sync between the C100 and Blade? I watched a review by Stefan Czech and he made mention of an adjustment option as the HDMI audio out may not be 100% synced. Cheers!

      • Matt,

        You have encountered no audio sync issues when working with dialogue?
        I’m looking at purchasing a Blade next week, then I came across the possible sync issue. Thanks for the second opinion.


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