Filming in the Middle East

Pete Burns runs a great blog full of info from the front line. I had to re-blog this as he nails the pitfalls of even getting to your Middle East Assignment. I’m not going to fly Gulf Air again, and the negation of a (costly) Carnet is great info. I’ve had that on a Moroccan assignment. As for filming Exteriors at lunchtime, yes – I was draping my kit in tin foil and hotel flannels when filming outdoors! Wish I’d followed the same precautions myself…

Pete Burns, Lighting Cameraman

I’m just back from a shoot in the Middle East where I filmed four countries in four days; Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Qatar and Bahrain.

Not a lot of information was available with regards filming in these countries, what was available I must admit was fairly vague. So I’ve put together my experiences, which will give you an insight into filming in the Middle East.

UK HM Customs and Excise

This is the easy bit.
You’ll need ‘Pro-forma Equipment List’ also known as a Duplicate List. It’s a list of the equipment you are traveling with and should include the manufacturer, model number, serial number, the country of manufacture and the value of all of the kit. The list should be printed on a letterhead.

The only other form you will need is an HM Customs and Excise Returned Goods Relief Form C & E 1246. This form is a declaration…

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