A little collection of videos I’ve created.

Sizzle reel – actually, I’m not sure if this really is a sizzle reel, as it’s a little too long (generally one expects 90 seconds or less), there are some shots that repeat, and there are some shots which – if they were to stand alone – aren’t actually that amazing. However, I am an editor at heart, and the shots form sequences, and there’s a sort of story, and so you will experience the joy of ‘pressing a button’ or ‘a chair made of trainer-stuff’. It was edited to music, so it can feel a little odd to view it mute. Such is the power of editing ‘multimedia’.

Mimi Mollica is a passionate photographer and one of the finalists for the Syngenta Photography Award 2013. We interviewed all the finalists to learn more about their work. FIlmed with a Canon C100 against a chromakey background.

The ‘Behind the Scenes’ (BTS) of creating the London Experience Centre for New Balance, designed and implemented by OctInk. I’m especially pleased with this video as it integrates all sorts of styles of shooting, with such a great end result. What sticks in the mind is just how much fun it was to work with a great team, and I think that expressed its self in the video, too. Stuart and the Octink team were very trusting – ‘just do what you do’ was the brief.

A traditional ‘summarise an event’ video, but with a very exciting subject. Whilst this is the ‘official’ public facing video, we’ve got great interviews win some amazing pilots, and I was privileged to get some air-to-air and air-to-ground footage too. The main body of the filming was to provide example footage to demonstrate Sony’s edit solutions, but I’m honoured to put together this little video for the Glider Heritage Centre too.

I get to travel the world, filming huge events with the express brief that the video is to recruit new delegates, new sponsors, and convince the boss of existing delegates that one should attend this event. So it was so very satisfying to create a little video about kites (one of my little pecadillos). This one is especially poignant as it celebrates the 1000th anniversary of Eilmer of Malmesbury, a monk at the local abbey who sort of invented paragliding (jumping off a very high entity whilst attached to some cloth with sticks in it – a ‘kite’ of some sorts). But we got to see huge fish kites (known as sky anchors), teeny weeny fighting kites as twitchy as an F1 car, and a few epic pearl-chasing dragon kites too.

Eilmer of Malmesbury

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  1. Editing is a journey from chaos to order. It defies the second rule of thermodynamics which says everything must turn to chaos.

    That is GOLD, really like the web site

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